Tomaga - Intimate Immensity (Floating Points & Marta Salogni Remix)

  • A touching tribute to the late Tom Relleen.
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  • Tomaga cofounder Tom Relleen tragically died from cancer just after finishing the group's new album. That LP, Intimate Immensity, is due out in March, and it comes with a touching tribute from Floating Points and Marta Salogni, who don't so much remix the title track as cover it. This elegiac song is one of the loveliest in the Floating Points catalogue, full of his signature pitch-bent synths, mournful keyboard playing and fluttering melodies that sound like they could be the work of Marta Salogni's tape loops, unfurling like ribbons of sound. By laying them bare, the duo highlight the beautiful simplicity of Tomaga's songwriting. It's a powerful eulogy that makes you miss the departed even more. A musical tribute doesn't get much better than this—and all proceeds go towards The Free Youth Orchestra, a charity set up in Relleen's name to help children access musical equipment.