Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man - Forgotten Planet Awakens (Ricardo Villalobos Vino Tinto Remix)

  • Villalobos remixes two Finnish mainstays.
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  • Shout out to Studio Barnhus for releasing an average of one EP from Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man per year. The latest outing from the legendary Finns, Forgotten Planet Awakens, is a lush, cinematic slice of house music evocative of the spy-flick soundscapes of '90s groups like Marden Hill. Villalobos keeps the original's rich arrangements—flutes, vibes and strings—but steers things in a tripped-out direction via a wonky, insistent bassline, subtle percussive variations and understated, atonal synth work. By the end, all that's left is a rapidly-panning spoken word sample and scattershot percussion. Like the best Villalobos versions, the 11-minute remix is functional, bizarre and beautiful.