False Witness - Third Space

  • Complex bangers for difficult times.
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  • In an interview last summer, Marco Gomez described their creative philosophy by quoting Nina Simone: "An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times." These days, many producers choose to reflect—and thus contribute to—the fragmentation and acceleration of our hyperconnected world. But Gomez acknowledges something both simpler and more profound: being alive these days is just really fucking intense, so their music is, too. Their first EP, Red Curtain Daybreak, was a gleeful pummeling. Last year's Interloper, released at the height of the uprising for Black lives, opened space for emotional release by nudging back the claustrophobia. This newest EP is a nuanced layering of both approaches, relentless and restorative, often at the same time. The front half, which includes a moody remix by Silent Servant, focuses on Gomez's wonderfully campy techno bangers. But the more complex tracks on the other side are mesmerizing and, occasionally, just a little warm. It's lovely to sink into the darkwave synths on "Long Island Lover," the glittery arpeggios on "Texas" and the just-sweet-enough trance melody on "Downtown Boys." Anchoring them all is the latest refinement of Gomez's gloriously brutal four-floor heartbeat, which at this point verges on chest-shattering. It seems increasingly likely that we'll get to hear these tracks on a dance floor before too long. Anyone who does would be lucky: they capture the emotional complexity of the past year, reflecting blissful moments of hope amidst ongoing darkness. And, of course, intensity—this is a False Witness record, after all.
  • Tracklist
      01. Third Space 02. Third Space (Silent Servant Remix) 03. K.U.N.D.L. 04. Long Island Lover 05. Texas 06. Downtown Boys