Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham - Love To The World feat. Josh Milan (Theo Parrish Reinterpretations)

  • Two beatdown mixes from Theo Parrish with the legendary voice of Josh Milan.
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  • Josh Milan is one of the most revered vocalists in the world of deep and soulful house. His pioneering work with Kevin Hedge in Blaze laid the foundation for a sound that would permeate throughout the world. The label Neroli has released Love To The World (Theo Parrish Reinterpretations), featuring two Parrish mixes of a tune by Patrick Gibin and Kaidi Tatham with Milan on vocals. This is a refreshing use of Milan's voice, which is usually paired with cleaner, big-studio production, but pairs perfectly with the rougher Midwestern aesthetic. The "Vocal Mix" is in the contemporary beatdown style, with Parrish's recognizable drum programming taking prominence. A simple but effective progression on the keys is carried by crunchy and syncopated drums. On the B-side is the stripped down and functional "Theo's Acapella Mix." There are no drums, but the vocals are accompanied by snippets of bass and the piano parts. All the sounds are given ample breathing room, an enjoyable push and pull that makes for a solid record.
  • Tracklist
      A Love To The World (Theo's Vocal Mix) B Love To The World (Theo's Acapella Mix)