Rodé - Are You Thinking Of Me?

  • Published
    23 Feb 2021
  • Words
    Pucca Sheru
  • Label
  • Released
    February 2021
  • Genres
    Pop · R&B
  • A strong R&B debut from a compelling new voice.
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  • Rodé put out her debut single "Are You Thinking Of Me?" on Valentine's Day, a gift for all those obsessing over relationship statuses. It's produced and co-written by multidisciplinary artist KESH, whose signature unearthly sounds are all over the track, though subtly in the background. The contrast of industrial drums and spluttering sounds against Rodé's breathy vocals is captivating, adding some tension to what might have been a typical love song. Her hushed, sultry tone reflects her private thoughts as well as the zeitgeist of detached romance that many of us find ourselves in.