Jay Cunning & Smithmonger - Never Stop

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  • Hot off the heels of their second release, JCat's "Good Times", Menu Music delivers another platter produced by Menu head-honcho Jay Cunning and Menu resident Smithmonger. On remix duties, they've enlisted the talents of Ireland's finest breakbeat producers, Splitloop who've recently released their debut album on Against The Grain as well as recording for countless other labels such as Music Downstairs, Sinister, Sound Of Habib and many others. Side A. Original Jay's fascination for old skool female vocals is well represented in this tune as a high pitched "Never Stop" vocal sample is cut up throughout the tune. Smithmonger's presence is very recognisable in the growly bassline that he has made into his trademark. Add to this an energetic breakbeat, monotonic electro hook, burp effects (yep that's right!), a funky synth riff during the breakdown and plenty of sweeps and hoovers to give that great buildup effect. Towards the end, they introduce an acid lick for good measure to give the tune a little variation. Side B. Splitloop Remix Splitloop's remix kicks off with a percussive break where they subtly include the acid lick from the original. Splitloop add in a beefier bassline, guitar stabs, a melodic piano riff, and a subtle reworking of the vocal sample. This one is designed for big room play as it builds up into a frenzy after the main breakdown where all the elements of the original get involved in a massive speaker smashing monster. My pick of the two.
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