DJs Pareja & Lupe - Nuestra Forma

  • The Argentinian duo find a new muse in vocalist Lupe.
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  • There's a touch of trippiness to most things that Argentinian duo DJs Pareja do. Take "Verano Lejano," the standout track from their new EP for Muy Muy Limited. Buoyed by a jacking house rhythm section, pads soar and blur into a chiffon swirl, the kind of uplifting melody and pseudo-choral sounds you'd hear in late '90s electronica. The track is topped off by an earworm of a vocal from Lupe, whose psychedelic intonations come off like a cross between Ray Of Light-era Madonna and "Tomorrow Never Knows." It's knockout tune you could imagine dominating a set from DJs like Superpitcher or Michael Mayer. Lupe is the X-factor on Nuestra Forma. She's never actually met DJs Pareja—the EP was completed during the pandemic by passing files back and forth—but you wouldn't know it from how seamless their collaboration is. On "No Puedo Funcionar," her voice imitates the looped sample and dances around it with half-rapped vocals. The effect is like icy hip-house. The title track is presented in two versions, one straight-up house and one breakbeat. Like "Verano Lejano," the "Beats Version" lifts off with breezy chords and another casually brilliant vocal from Lupe, who often sounds like she's murmuring in your ear. When the stuttering delay starts, "Nuestra Forma" reaches its zenith as all the pieces fall into place, one of those impeccable moments that dot the DJs Pareja discography.
  • Tracklist
      01. Nuestra Forma 02. No Puedo Funcionar 03. Verano Lejano 04. Nuestra Forma (Beats Version)