Trance Wax - Rayna (Shanti Celeste Remix)

  • Slow-burning, tearjerking house.
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  • Shanti Celeste and Ejeca (as Trance Wax) share a love for big, billowing synth melodies, even if they might come at it from different angles. "Rayna" was one of the highlights from Trance Wax's debut album—the first from the project built around all-original music instead of flipped samples—and the yearning breakbeat number turns into a shuffling house number in Celeste's hands, its central melody curling around the beat like a whirlwind in slow motion. But the best part is the dual-breakdown, stripping the track twice before reintroducing that lush melody—just the kind of thing to get a cooking, sunstruck festival crowd going.