LSDXOXO - Dying For It 2021

  • LSDXOXO transforms a viral video into an undeniable banger.
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  • LSDXOXO's first official release on Floorgasm is sampled from a fight on Bigg Boss, which has been meme-ified as "Pooja, what is this behaviour?" But the end result bears no trace of the original brawl's reality TV pettiness, leaving in its stead a provocative dialogue that could have been taken from an altercation in a Quentin Tarantino film. Sucking the vocal into a captivating vortex of a melody and backing it with a bassline that lands like cold water on bare skin, "Dying For It 2021" only affirms LSDXOXO's Midas touch for making sensual yet ultra-functional dance floor tracks out of pretty much any source material.
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      01. Dying For It 2021