Bored Lord - Never Felt This Way

  • A frenzy of electric UK sounds meet on the LA-based artist's latest.
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  • A lover of pop and rock edits designed to create mayhem on the dance floor, Bored Lord has been producing club staples for some time now. Her new album of archived Bandcamp Friday singles, Archival Transmission, is replete with Bored Lord signatures—metallic amen breaks, tripped-out vocals, hazy pads and an irresistibly angsty undertone. On "Never Felt This Way," a distorted voice repeats the track's namesake with lush pads and squelchy synths that sound like spaceship alarms. Then a piano house breakdown glues all these elements together perfectly. It's the kind of triumphant track you'd keep on hand for a climactic dance floor moment.
  • Tracklist
      01. Never Felt This Way