Chelonis R Jones - Dislocated Genius

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  • The Get Physical imprint from Germany are ready to unleash another fine talent in Chelonis R Jones. The New York born, Europe based producer has made a pretty strong impact of late, with his single I Don’t Know in particular impressing many DJ’s. He also played a role in Royksopp’s latest album co writing one of the strongest production on that album, 49%. This time he goes solo with his debut album Dislocated Genius. There are many fine tracks on this album, starting with the deep and moody ‘Blackface’ which flows with some crisp beats, quirky effects and vocals. ‘Middle Finger Music’ is again another smooth quirky house production with some subtle vocals that ride over some tripped out sounds while ‘The Hair’ is an eerie downtempo production that is somewhat mysterious with its muffled percussion and swirling effects. ‘I Don't Know?’ is a delightful smooth techy vocal number that is quite seductive thanks to the smooth vocals and bouncy basslines, and is an undeniable highlight of the album. ‘L.A. Mattress’ is perhaps the grittiest moment of the album thanks to its screeching basslines and aggressive vocals while ‘One & One’ is another seductive smooth moment, a sound that Chelonis is clearly comfortable with and is probably at his best with. ‘Le Bateau Ivre’ concludes the album in pretty good style with a pretty upbeat track that uses its strong vocals and low end basslines to great effect. I must say that this is quite an interesting album, with a few pretty soldi tracks throughout. I must say that there are a few productions that just don’t have the strength to make this a fantastic album, and as such I couldn’t help but feel that this album could’ve been a touch more memorable.