RDL - Streets

  • Dayglo dancehall from Duppy Gun, produced by Smurphy.
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  • Portmore, Jamaica's RDL breaks out from the rest of the Duppy Gun crew on "Streets," a bubbly slice of dancehall that practically floats through the air. Part of it comes down to the production from Smurphy, who seems to have found her calling with these lightweight dancehall beats, but it's RDL, his voice squeaky and syncopated, who really sells it. With its motivational chorus—"So make it happy while you still live on... plant a seed before your root be gone"—and RDL's Autotune-heavy vocal that stutters and clips in all the right places, you'll be humming "Streets" in your head before you're even finished your first listen.
  • Tracklist
      01. Streets