Oshana - Back To The Source

  • A delightfully retro EP of swung, minimal shakers.
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  • You can file Oshana next to producers like Riccardo or Andrew James Gustav—who love a good swing, playful melodies and precise drum programming—and the second EP on her Psionic label only highlights her versatility. It's hard to pick a favourite moment on Back To The Source—it might be the fat-bottomed bass whomps on the title track, or the chirpy new wave synths on "Techno The Planet"—though there's something about the Italo rush of "Mediation Meditation" that puts a smile on my face as its slips and slides through gaudy '80s sounds.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Techno The Planet B1 Back To The Source B2 Mediation Meditation