Various Artists - Famous When Dead IV

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  • Playhouse Records unleashes its 4th edition of its Famous When Dead series, a collection that showcases some highlight sounds of its impressive label. This time they come armed with a host of impressive names and productions, including the likes of Tiefschwarz, John Tejeda & LoSoul to name just a few. The Isolée Remix of ‘Cardiology’ is up first, beginning the album with a smooth piece of tech that uses a nice bouncy bassline and relaxed vocals. The Tiefschwarz Dub of ‘Kinda New’ by Spektrum should be familiar to many while the Two Lone Swordsmen Remix of ‘Dexter’ by Villalobos is an impressive productions with its delicate guitar riffs and melodic synth patterns. ‘You Know’ by Losoul is a pretty quirky journey of Germen vocal tech-house that has a great flow and darkness to it. Other impressive moments include the tripped out sounds of ‘Klatta’ by My My as well as the smooth bouncy sounds of John Tejada & Arian Leviste with Geriatrics. Max Mohr haunts us with the mind warping sounds of ‘Old Song’, a production that rolls along nicely due to its crisp percussion and warm pads. Lindstrøm’s ‘I Feel Space’ is a brilliant highlight to the album, thanks to its beautiful bassline tones and melodic atmosphere. Rework end the album off nicely with the melancholic sounds of ‘Think It’s Too Late’. I must say that there are a few pretty strong productions in this album, despite some of them tracks being not too new. And thankfully for the DJ types, all the tracks are unmixed leaving them open for set inclusion, and seeing as there are a few great productions here that comes as a blessing.