Café Mambo 2005 - Pete Gooding

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  • Pete Gooding has been a resident at Ibizan bliss out haven Cafe Mambo since 1996 and has carved a strong reputation giving the worshipped sunsets a soundtrack worthy of the island’s infamy. Taken on face value as a mix CD, Café mambo 2005 will probably miss the mark for many looking to kick back to a seamless and typical compile of background tracks. Taken in the context of the audio element of your summer experience sorted, free of pretension and overly stressed crafting, then you’ve got a double album of gold. Filed under “chilled house” the style does swing away from the pigeon-holed genre and meanders in a way to subconsciously bring a smile as much as set feet to move and bodies to sway. The concept of Ibiza summer anthems is not a new one so it is indeed a pleasurable surprise to get such an eclectic mix that triggers memories of evenings spent at the venue or in similar surrounds. Standouts include the subdued groove of Raw Artistic Soul’s “Buddhism” finding its way through the minimal euphoric vocal offering by Aya into the most excellent 4 Hero remix of “When she smiles she lights the sky” by Plantlife. One can also find some current heavy hitters in the form of Ilya with the sultry mix of “Bliss” by Max Sedgley and the almost pre-requisite offering from Moby by way of “Swear”. Some very eclectic and unusual touches keep the selection unique, such as the most organic cover of the Grandmaster Flash classic “White lines” I’ve ever heard. Barefoot take the 80’s hiphop classic and retread its worn tires whilst giving it a laid back cabaret vibe that certainly comes from left field. Given the impending summer and the equally impending deluge of festivals and tours, there does exist the need for quality music to occupy a space that neither demands your complete attention nor snubs you with overly obvious selections. Café Mambo 2005 is certainly a breakaway from the pack of chilled house and ‘back to mine’ style releases of late and is also certainly a must have for the quieter moments of the action filled season ahead.