Various - Criminals EP

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  • Eight releases and we are now graced upon Infamous Light’s first EP in Criminals. Keeping in tone with its darker, more minimalist sounds, the label is slowly building a solid collection of interesting afterhours sounds. Glitchy and soothing all at the same time with some very nice melodies playing as the backdrop to Lucifer’s Mistaken. Opening up this mini-EP, this is minimal at its core. Very groovy even with the lack of a strong bassline, it’ll still be able to build a crowd up for a techy evening of dancing. You’ll find that out of the three, this is the one that’ll grow on you like a soar thumb. “Gripping it hard” with a impounded bassline, Becy’s Gripping It Hard crashes left and right, up and down, and all around with her piece. Very bouncy; you’ll find that all her concentration is with the beats. Developing it with Trip-Hop styli flair, it certainly is the oddball of the three. Strange, but cool, there’s certainly a less emphasis on club sound than wallpaper music. Good yes, if you love wallpaper music – but who doesn’t’? Getting to Triad Nuance’s Plumb Summer, you immediately notice those siren stabs, echoing, as though it was building for something scary, something frightening. With its soundtrack score, Triad Nuance paces Plumb Summer like a suspense movie, creating anticipation for the audience, but he forgets to finish it off with a good ending. You get that ILR really doesn’t care if their music doesn’t fit with the culture of clubworld, where “big-room” has always been a focus of how producers create their music. This Australian label is carting alongside the likes of Warp instead.