Flexuous - New Truth EP

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  • The 23 year-old Flexuous out of the United Kingdom takes a stab at his first solo release with the New Truth EP under Infamous Light Recordings and learns his niche while finding that taking ideas of the past can be a very inspirational. New Truth is a bit funky, a bit bumpy, yet smooth like a coat of rich ice cream. A lovely piece to open the EP as the lo-fi fidelity captures the ear immediately. It’s cool while achieving its goal of being a dance-friendly track and still being an interesting piece of music for the stereo. Polished drum beats overlapping the live instruments gives New Truth the added punch to showcase why the label believes in the young producer. Keep Quiet overall approach works better than New Truth, though it’s not on par as the opener. A livelier percussion and a slight hint of melody in the air, there certainly is a groove that’s building. Strangely enough, the productions on Keep Quiet sounds better than New Truth, but you really can’t go wrong with either one, until you hear the last track. Last, but not least is Your Future, a crazy little bug that glitches it’s way around your head and heart. Very loungey and dancey all at the same time, you’d wonder with all its jazz elements and influences, why there isn’t a jazz remix. Building from the tempo of “New Truth” and “Keep Quiet,” this will add another reason why you’ll pay attention to the EP and the young Flexuous from here on out.