Suck My Deck - Damian Lazarus

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  • Crosstown Rebels head honcho and all round talented lad, Damian Lazarus, unleashes his latest mix compilation on Resist Records titled Suck My Deck thanks to the crew at Bugged Out. Bugged Out, a club which began weekly in Manchester from 1994 have always been a force behind great talent, and this latest release is a testimony as to their prowess in unleashing the every finest of talents. This mix is quality from start to finish, beginning with the stunning ‘Flash 1’ by Break 3000. Early highlights include the always quirky James Holden with his remix of System 7, The sounds early aren’t all twisted with some smooth moments coming from the likes of Pier Bucci and Switch. The Midnight Mike Remix of ‘Into Your Life’ turns the pace up a little in the mix while Trentmoller does his usual quality thing with ‘Physical Fraction’. James Holden does a great job again with ‘Lump’ an exclusive track to the mix that enters near the conclusion of this fine mix. Stranglers provide a unique track in ‘Love 303’ a fusion of tripped out beats and floating effects while the fantastic Superpitcher mix of M83 is a great epic way to take the mix out. I must say that Damien provides a very enjoyable mix here with a great selection of tracks, most of them on the quirky techy side of things. The mix flows pretty well, but for me the strength is the track selection, a factor that makes this mix stand out from many others out there on the market.