Poker Flat Recordings - 4

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  • Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings have constantly delivered the goods when it comes to smooth and sometimes quirky tech house, and this compilation, the 4th from the Recording outfit showcases just what this quality label is all about. The first CD is a collection of singles from the label while the 2nd CD is a showcase mix by Jeff Samuel which is just as smooth as the productions themselves. The Patrick Shardronnet Mix of ‘FM Safari’ by Martin Landsky is a stunning early highlight in the first CD, starting it all off with a smooth and moody deep production full of eerie melodic tones and crisp beats. John Tejada’s ‘Steppa’ has a good bounce to it while Vincenzo’s ‘Peng’ is a little more twisted and intense with its stabbing pads. Detroit Grand Pubahs impress with the very tasty sounds of ‘Big Onion’, thanked largely to Joakim’s twisted remix. ‘Can You Compute?’ by Alexi Delano is a nice showcase of deep low end baselines and twisted digital effects while ‘Nuthouse’ by Argy is a Jackin’ display of throbbing b-lines and crisp percussion. The mix begins nicely in its early parts, with Steve Bug’s brilliant ‘Bug In Your Brain’ standing out. ‘Just For A Little Peek’ by P. Chardronnet Vs Afrilounge is a deep and dark record that oozes with style and helps build the flow early while Jeff Samuel’s very own remix of Guido Schneider Meets Jens Bond smoothens the pace with some solid chunky house. Phonique, Duriez & Weeks combine to deliver the pretty dirty ‘Altered Rock’. Jeff Samuel makes another solid impression with ‘Glurf’, a production full of tripped out melodies and gritty baselines. John Tejada’s very impressive ‘Sweat (On The Walls)’ gets a good run as the mix starts to peak while ‘Suspicious Kermit Dance’ by Phonique is funky yet simultaneously gritty and driving. Adjd end proceedings with the very smooth and melodic ‘Getting Closer’, and as a result, complete a very nice mix by Jeff which is definitely a focal point of this release. Many of you reading this are no doubt familiar with Poker Flat’s sounds, and if you are a DJ then the first CD will be very handy as there are 10 pretty solid tracks that should get a touch up on your CD-J. For the punter then both discs are quite handy, especially the smooth mix by Jeff.