Subliminal Sessions 2 - Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero

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    24 Mar 2002
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    March 2002
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  • When it comes to thumping funky bouncing house music Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero is the man. After recently seeing him at Two Tribes in Melbourne I couldn't wait to get my hands on this CD to see what it was like... Disc 1 starts out amazingly, using the acappella version of that great vocal 'I cant just believe all.. the things people say...' track 'Beats Vol. 2'. As he slowly starts to blend in the next track and you begin to realise that it is 'Thrill Me' by Juniour Jack, which is guaranteed to get any dance floor pumping like there’s no tomorrow and as the goosebumps run across your skin and you just know this CD is going to be amazing. The track selection for this is very nice to say the least... Following Junior Jack is that of DJ Touche & Pepe's 'Tangerine' which has been remixed by Erick Morillo with some great funky flavours. The pace of this CD continues to decline somewhat taking you on a vocal journey into some great house tracks with that of 'Ghetto Tears' by Whiplash and 'Drug' by the Drug Punks. The well famous [and well loved] 'La La Land' by Green Velvet has been very well selected to follow and it fits in so well and continues this CD on a great journey into vocal tribal funky house. The mix takes a bit of a tour of some well funky tribal beats with that of 'Vision' by John Thomas and Murk Presents Deep South's 'Tribal America'. On a more vocal level Palmrich & Jose Nunez Featuring Daliah's 'Got To Have Your Love' and that repetitive track by Clive Moore's 'Love Is A Better Feeling'. Recycled Loop features next with 'Ex Machina Ad Astra' and is a great track, mixing some interesting vocals very well to pull a great house sound. The last four tracks on the end of Disc 1 seems to move to a more experimental style of sound, all of these tracks are fairly different to each other but have been mixed very well. I recommend you have a list and judge for yourself. The second CD also starts off very nicely, with a combination of tribal funky house sounds and the track 'Coffee Beats Vol2' by Del Gado. Slowing down somewhat and moving into 'Im Feeling Moody' by Wolf 'n' Flow the CD continues on its journey into house. With Jark Prongo's 'Shack It' the CD moves into some more vocal styles and yet again it continues to change styles, yet it's done so smoothly and so well that its candy for the ears. 'Choo Choo's Corruption, followed by that of 'Arhigram' by Mad Joe and then Soiree's 'CzR & ITO' take the CD to a more deeper house. Piliavin & Z Zimbardo's 'Just Once' follows and is a damn fine track. Da Loop by Chris Cowie ensure the CD continues on its Deep House ways. Romero's Locked Groove #2 mix of Beats Vol 2 moves the CD back it funky disco style house. Si Storer with 'Digital Disco', L'More with 'Takin' Hold of Me' and Those Two's 'Rock You, Rock You' wind out this disc in great funky disco house style's and is such a great end to such a great compilation of tracks and styles. This album is awesome. For those of you that love great bouncing tracks with a bit of funk as well as a side of deeper styles with a plenty of background vocals then this album is for you. On the well impressive Subliminial Records, Subliminial Sessions #2 is damn impressive to say the least.