DJ Heather - Fabric 21

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  • Fabric 21 - DJ Heather is one of the smoothes house mixes I've heard as of late. This mix was preceded by Digweed's installment which left huge shoes to fill. Heather stepped up to the plate bringing together some jackin' tunes over top of some tasty chilled beats. Including tunes such as D'Julz' "Ze Theme", 2 Utes "Bumpin the BQE" and Kaskade's "Steppin' Out"; Heather manages to compile over an hour worth of pleasant tunes that are perfect for the car, work or an early morning in the club. Heather's mixing is impeccable as she gently transitions from tune to tune bringing elements of latin, Chicago, San Francisco and Detroit in a nice and neat package. It's a pleasure listening to this album as there isn't a lot going on which is perfect when you just want to sit back and groove. This album is very organic in nature with smooth chilled out house beats under a vibrant melody. There's a nice energy here with lots to listen for while keeping things from getting to busy. This one's a great listen and I'd suggest that any house fan pick this one up and make sure to check out Heather at a venue near you.