Andrew Weatherall - Fabric 19

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  • Fabric 19 comes mixed courtesy of a man who has been around the industry, and constantly delivered the goods for the last decade or two, Andrew Weatherall. Inspired by a recent DJ set of Fabric, this mix comes to show that Andrew still has got what it takes to be a top draw talent in the DJ world, as he unleashes an array of twisted tunes with a bit of a funky edge. The mix has some great early highlights including the opener, ‘I Need A Freak’ by Sexual Harassment. The mix has a bit of a quirky electro tinge in the opening fee minutes, a point emphasized by the nice and floaty Syntax Erik mix of ‘M/S Langara’ by Kango’s Stein Massive. The beats start to get a bit more chunk in them as Alexkid’s Vocal Mix of ‘Don’t Hide It’ enters as does the crisp and stuttering beats of ‘Dunufus’ by Delon And Delcon. The mix continues to gain a bit of a sinister vibe, as shown by the dark and gritty synth patterns of ‘Robot Dance’ by Jesper Dahlback but it soon sits back into a smooth flow when John Tejeda unleashes his mix of Miwon. The conclusion is quite nice, with 2 Lone Swordsmen mix of ‘Dexter’ by Ricardo Villalobos providing one of the highlights of the album, and not to mention the final track by Technova as they provide some nice melodic twirls amongst a smooth backdrop of sounds and warm moments, and some beautiful vocals taken from Joy Divisions emotional hit, ‘Atmosphere’. To be perfectly honest the album doesn’t flow as good as it could be, but Weatherall more then makes up for that with a stellar track selection. The mixing isn’t too bad at all, and to be honest the mix is very enjoyable, mainly thanks to the various tastes of Andrew’s record box.