Kings Of Tomorrow - Trouble

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  • In the dance world there are two different kinds of producers. One will produce tracks while the other is producing music. One good example of the latter just so happens to be Sandy Rivera's Kings of Tomorrow moniker. On his up-coming Defected release entitled Trouble, Sandy produces 14 inspiring tunes with the heart and soul for which his parent label is known for. There's a great variety of music here which spans through the elemental influences of all dance genres. Although the variety is an impressive talk point it's completely overshadowed by the excellent production of vocals, synth lines, and tasteful bass stabs that are encompassed by style and seamless arrangement. When reaching for this one I'd suggest checking out "Trouble" which sounds like something you might discover fingering through your FM dial resulting in an instant increase in volume. Both lyrically and melodically this one comes off sounding as if it had been crafted by Babyface or Brian McNight. Another favorite of mine is entitled "Civil Unrest" which goes in a completely different direction with a disco flavor filled with a solid bassline and effected vocals over an arrangement of theremin-like sounds. The energy here is excellent and has definately received countless re-winds on my behalf. Overall Sandy is breaking in 2005 proper with an excellent piece of work with this KOT release. The album will street on March 8th so get yours while you can.