Prosumer - The Craze

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  • Playhouse unleashes the talents of Prosumer for its next release, that being the vocal delights of The Craze. The Vocal Mix is quite smooth and delicate, with a strong male vocal taking over the production from an early stage. Musically the track is quite solid with smooth beats working well with a cheeky melodic bounce and smooth baselines. Storm steps up the pace a little bit with some cluttered beats beginning things early. As the track progresses, smooth warm melodies enter their way in, giving the track a simultaneous eerie and warm feel. The Dub of The Craze is next, and it is a very nice instrumental version of what we heard before in the Vocal mix. It’s a great combination of smooth bouncy baselines and very good percussive elements such as the richness in the hi hats and claps and the overall quality of the production. Quite a nice release here it must be said with all three tracks offering good moments.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Craze (Vocal Mix) A2 Storm B The Craze (Dub Mix)