The Visitors - The Race

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  • Next up on Playhouse Recordings are the remixes of The Race by The Visitors. First up is the long journey of the Classic M & H Rework of The Race. It must be said that this remix is as smooth as it can get, with absolutely delicious baselines rolling around nicely with some very nice drums and warm summery pads. It could be said that its duration is perhaps a little drawn out, but sometimes too much of a good thing is just that! The Henrik Schwarz Remix of The Race follows, and this remix adds a slight gritty edge to the mix on the a-side with a cheeky guitar riff used instead of the baseline. The drums are quite heavy but not too strong, and the track really gets going once the delicious piano line enters. The track also builds as it progresses, with some nice smooth sounds coming into the track midway in giving it a more summer feel. A nice set of remixes here making this quite a solid release for the Playhouse crew. Definitely worth a long hard look.
  • Tracklist
      A The Race (Classic M+H Rework) (12:19) B The Race (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (11:50)