Housebreakers feat The Ragga Twins - Jump On It

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  • Jeremy Sylvester and Nathan E. Drake make up the aptly titled Housebreakers - apt because of Jeremy's history in the UK house and garage scene combines with the breakbeat talents of Nathan Drake. Jeremy hasn't just limited himself to producing house he's also been responsible for releasing tunes like Be-Bop which found its way onto the Stanton Warriors' CD and a release for Mob Records under the Urban Dubz guise. Jump On It is is the duo's first official release and has already made an appearance on Deekline & Ollywood's Hardcore Beats From The Street CD in late 2003. Side A. Original Mix The original tune is the only version without the Ragga Twins vocals and concentrates its focus on a b-boy styled electro breakbeat incorporating a distorted guitar riff, electro hook and vocodered vocals (giving rise to the title of the tune). There's even a few old skool electro hip hop samples and scratches thrown in big enough to "rock the planet!" Side AA1. Breakerz Mix For the Breakerz mix, Nathan takes control of the boards and turns out a much darker and dirtier version of the tune, keeping the vocodered robotic vocals in tact and rinsing out a much dirtier bassline. The Breakerz mix leans towards Miami bass beats with its syncopated phrasing. The Ragga Twins take their lead from this and deliver lycis like only they can - for those who liked their vocals on tunes like Loko and Coffee with Aquasky vs Masterblaster will get into this one. Side AA2. Urban Dubz Crack House Mix Finally, Jeremy Sylvester turns in a 4/4 house version of the tune reminiscent of the speed garage days of 1997 utilising a light hearted melodic bassline mixed with clangy hi-hats. Something for everybody here and all on a retro tip - b-boy electro, dirty Miami bass and 4/4 garage house. It's a useful platter however I'm going to have to side with the original.