Dan Sampson & Jhereal - One More Dance

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  • I get quite excited everytime Alternative Route release a record, and with the latest release by Dan Sampson & Jhereal, they have yet again given me another good reason to get excited. One More Dance is the track and it comes with a storming Danny Howells Edit. It is the Danny Howells re-edit that features on the a-side, and it is a pure summer house anthem. A beautiful funky guitar riff starts the track with some nice atmosphere giving the track a smooth aura to begin. Vocal snippets build early on leading into the introduction of the smooth baseline that rolls nicely for the remainder of the track. Nice piano snippets work well with the full vocal line that comes in during some nicely crafted breakdowns resulting in a stunning re-edit by the Howeller. On the flip is firstly the Intrumental Mix which is a nice extended version showcasing the great sounds of this record such as the smooth baselines and funky riffs. The Radio Edit follows and it is a short version focusing on the vocals of the track. Although the Danny Howells Edit is essentially just that, an edit, it really does show how well Danny has put the Instrumental and the vocal delights together creating the full package, something the Original mixes on the b-side fail to do.