Alter Ego - Daktari

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  • Alter Ego make another appearance on Klang with Daktari, but this time 2 in form music makers are on remix duties in Villalobos and Robag Wruhme. First up is the 12 minute journey like Villalobos Remix. Definitely some of his most twisted stuff, this remix really is minimal for the most part, with crisp beats and eerie sounds and effects riding in the underlayers of the track. The track does intensify as it progresses, with the beats and percussion increasing in presence, but if minimal isn’t your thing then I cannot say this will do it for you! Turn it over and you have Robag Wruhme’s Handkas Mit Musikk Remix. Normally Robag would deliver the more minimal reworking but in this case it’s the opposite, as Robag delivers a slightly more intense mix. Thick baselines meet some nicely crafter percussive elements to create yet another dark interpretation. Not a bad set of remixes here, but beware, as it is meant for those who like it minimal and dark.