Frederic Galliano - Koukou Le (Remixes)

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  • Next up on the vibrant F Communications is a release from Frederic Galliano and the remixes of Koukou Le. First up is a very nice Jori Hulkkonen Remix that sees the sound of Africa in this track converted to a retro Acid house number. It works quite well with the African style vocals uniting quite well with the acid riffs and smooth piano lines, and the vocal does play a nice vital role especially deep into the track. The Jori Hulkkonen Dub strips the vocal mix pretty much of the uplifting vibes and keeps it a deep, techy and acid based underground cut. It’s quite a nice compliment to the very nice summery Vocal mix. The Acid Kings Remix keeps the acid vibe going with a pretty chunky reworking here. The beats are a little stronger here and the feel again on a techy acid vibe. The vocal also gets a pretty good editing, the end result making them sound a little more gritty, much like the acid riffs as the track progresses. Very good stuff here on F Com, with the Jori mixes standing out for me.