Los Hermanos - Another Day / Binary Funk Infusion / Let Love Live

  • Gerald Mitchell shows off his Detroit-bred versatility.
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  • The latest from Italian label Mother Tongue Records comes from Los Hermanos, a moniker Gerald Mitchell has used since his involvement in the '90s project Knights Of The Jaguar. The title track is an upfront piece of modern Detroit house. Sped-up gospel vocals are laid over a disco beat to create another palatable addition to the soulful house arsenal. Cooked up along with Bob Rogue, "Binary Funk Infusion" is the most computer music of the bunch, all funky acid lines and interesting drum programming. "The Billy Love Experience (Let Love Live)" has frequent collaborator Bill Beaver on vocals, following in the same vein as their recent Celebrity BBQ Sauce record. On this romantic beatless cut, Love engages in the kind of light jazz scatting and self-harmonization one would expect from an R&B record.
  • Tracklist
      01. Another Day 02. Binary Funk Infusion (Extended Mix) 03. Let Love Live