Der Kindestod - Orion I Want You

  • Psychedelic techno from Texas.
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  • He doesn't have many releases to his name, but if I were to pick one artist to embody the strange, swirling, psychedelic queer scene scattered around southern Texas, it would be Der Kindestod. With a mix and EP for Halcyon Veil in 2018, he established a melty, chameleonic sound that slipped through your fingers just when you felt like you were grasping it. On Orion I Want You, a cassette for Ascetic House, things solidify a bit. "Everything And Nothing" sounds like a techno track ringing out in a blizzard. The tape begins with overdriven kick drums and gusts of high-strung melody. From there, things unravel. "OYFM" is a discombobulated soup of kick drums and vocals shouting "open your fucking mouth!" "By Your Side" is woozy trap that pits two sultry vocals against each other—one in the left channel and one pitched closer to the right, like an R&B track splitting apart in the middle. False Witness contributes a remix of "Everything And Nothing" that only ups the destruction, until it sputters out after six minutes like a failing motor. Most big-room techno sounds wimpy by comparison. There's a vocal anthem hiding in plain sight on Orion I Want You. "A Little Bit" could be the "Kisloty People" of 2021, though its pleasures are different, with a vocal from Jocelyn Enriquez's "A Little Bit Of Ecstasy" strapped to a trance beat whose rushes of joy sound almost sinister alongside the muddy bass sounds. The track keenly captures the awe-inspiring and unnerving feeling of standing in the middle of a dark room listening to this music, that distinct mix of anxiety and exhilaration you get when you first walk in.
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      A1 Everything And Nothing A2 A Little Bit A3 OYFM A4 4 B1 By Your Side B2 Everything And Nothing (False Witness Remix)