NikNak - Bashi

  • On her debut album, the Leeds turntablist chops up field recordings captured in Turkey.
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  • Bashi is the debut album from NikNak, a DJ, producer and turntablist based in Leeds. Bashi, which is Turkish for "peace," is a collection of tunes built from field recordings captured in Turkey, which were then manipulated live using turntablism improvisation. The result is an ambient album that pays homage to the concept of peace in various ways, perhaps functioning as an illustration of what peace might sound like to NikNak. With these soft and tranquil sounds, she has created an immersive world that also works to focus the mind. The term "peace" is thought of as a state of being free, able to experience pure calmness. There is an infectiously soothing energy running through Bashi, thanks to the way NikNak alters the environmental samples, such as the dynamic range of the raindrops in "Compass" and the intentional breaks in the background waves in "Punch." The album's fresh atmosphere makes the listener conscious of their surroundings, changing the way in which people might process simple sounds encountered in everyday life. The second half of the album sees NikNak using vocals from children, potentially reflecting peace as a reminder of the innocence often associated with youth. "Finale" consists of intriguing sounds that absorb your attention, combined with frequent hollow spaces and reverb effects that allow this sustained attention to linger further.
  • Tracklist
      01. Intro 02. Ani 03. Thunder 04. Compass 05. Punch 06. Solo 07. Kid 08. Tick (Interlude) 09. Fast 10. Finale
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