Jasmine Infiniti - Prove It

  • An electrifying mix of ballroom and techno.
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  • What makes Jasmine Infiniti's style of techno so powerful is her roots in the Bay Area vogue scene. The elastic whiplash of ballroom music runs deep in her music, making her techno feel looser, bouncier and sometimes, more violent. This influence comes to the fore on "Stunna," a collaboration with ballroom MC Sir JoQ that pairs the classic ha stab with a nasty bassline and a galloping techno pattern. This is quintessential Jasmine Infiniti. The rowdy European-style techno remix from Buzzi, meanwhile, showcases the even less forgiving sounds of the New World Dysorder crew that she leads. The title track on Prove It, Infinit's first release since her breakthrough debut album last March, also underlines her unique quirks. "Prove It" slows down a breakbeat into an industrial clank that feels impossibly slow next to the rollicking bassline, but it's the pitched-down vocals that really set it apart. This is a big, propulsive techno anthem with a mournful tint. Violet's remix straightens out the rhythm while Los Angeles producer Bapari turns it on its side into a broken beat thumper. Both are worthy takes, but it's Infiniti's strange yet intuitive mix of sounds that reign supreme on this EP.
  • Tracklist
      01. Prove It 02. Stunna feat. Sir JoQ 03. Prove It (Violet Remix) 04. Stunna (Buzzi Remix) 05. Prove It (Bapari Remix)