• Ulla and Perila deliver soft rhythms, murmuring melodies and spine-tingling ASMR.
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  • Ulla and Perila are part of an expansive network of artists who make ambient and experimental music for labels like Experiences Ltd., West Mineral Ltd and Motion Ward. These two producers in particular—Ulla originally from Philadelphia, Perila from Moscow—have established a potent connection, releasing two collaborative records last year on the Portuguese label silence box before this new project, under the name LOG. LOG E3TERNAL, released in November on Experiences Ltd, has both a self-possessed beauty and a barely-there sense of composition, which makes it an immediate standout in both artists' catalogues. At its most tranquil, LOG E3TERNAL makes you feel like you left the front door open: you hear the rustle of trees and the sway of leaves, the occasional snatch of conversation. Some tracks are anchored in slow melodies, while others are more diffuse, made from faint sounds caught on the breeze. There are calls back to older ambient music—from Mille Plateaux and Chain Reaction to Loscil and Move D—but LOG E3TERNAL is most rooted in the contemporary ambient sound championed by Ulla, Perila and their peers: an approach that combines soft rhythms and murmuring melodies with spine-tingling ASMR. Anyone who loved Ulla's Tumbling Towards A Wall will find plenty to like in LOG. The record is full of brief, flickering moments that lodge into your mind after they disappear—like the quivering chords that open the LP on "LOG 1," or the gentle piano clinking on "LOG 9," one of the nicest sounds on the album. It is powerful precisely because of how hushed and elusive it is. This is discreet music designed to make you focus on the world around you, interrupted with shocks of gorgeous melody and instrumentation that add colour to your surroundings (or headspace). You're left straining to hear what else is happening in Ulla and Perila's beautiful and introverted sound world.
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      01. LOG 1 02. LOG 2 03. LOG 3 04. LOG 4 05. LOG 5 06. LOG 6 07. LOG 7 08. LOG 8 09. LOG 9 10. LOG 10 11. LOG 11