Kamixlo - Cicatriz

  • The British-Chilean artist steps up to PAN with a raucous LP of industrial-strength reggaeton.
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  • On October 30th, the heavyweight wrestler Kenta tweeted to his 200K followers that Kamixlo has sampled his entrance music on his new album, Cicatriz. Kenta is a central figure in Bullet Club, a New Japan Pro-Wrestling team that Kamixlo, Katie Vick (FKA Uli K) and Endgame paid tribute to in their now defunct anti-club night, Bala Club. Kamixlo makes music that's at once light and dark, gnarly and soft. Fusing industrial, reggaeton, nu-metal and hardcore styles, Cicatriz (Spanish for "scar") is a cross-genre odyssey that's meant to sound like wrestling in sonic form—the smash of bodies, the clatter of a steel chair to the face, the taunts of an audience as the loser suffers in the ring. Kamixlo has also said the record is about pain and loss over a string of tumultuous years. Full of atmospheric tension, Cicatriz feels like a live album. "The Coldest Hello (Live From The Russian Spiral)" begins with an impish voice, greeting you at entrance to a dark void. "Sick" is like a pitched-down version of Musical Mob's cult grime beat "Pulse X." Bass gives way to nu-metal drums, a heavy industrial throb and a torching scream that appears throughout "The Burning Hammer Bop," named after what is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous finishing moves in wrestling. Near the end, a dembow beat suddenly appears to march things home. The title track is another assault of sub-bass that builds to intense proportions. Picture Kenta strutting around the ring with this version of his music playing after his opponent has been defeated. On "Cicatriz X," drums reverberate around in an atmospheric haze that will make you yearn to experience live music once again. "Poison" begins and ends with screaming, amidst another onslaught of heavy bass tones. "Demonic Y (feat. Felix Lee)" is one of the most colourful tracks on the record, arresting the ear with an electric groove and a pitched-down accapella. "Destruction" is a certified banger, and the artist's most accomplished work to date. The longest track on the record, this will appeal to the adventurous DJ, looking to start or end the night with a sinister tone. "Untitled" sounds like a score to an irreverent Giallo slasher, all eerie chimes and ghoulish tones. Kamixlo rounds things out with a nectar-sweet dembow rhythm on "Azucar." Meaning "sugar," this lush little number plods to an ecstatic halftime melody, with additional production from cloud rap producer Woesum. Florentino, Toxe and Mechatok fans get ready to dance, this one is for you.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Coldest Hello (Live From The Russian Spiral) 
02. Sick 
03. The Burning Hammer Bop 
04. DKD Lethal 
05. Cicatriz 
06. Cicatriz X 
07. Poison
 08. Demonic Y feat. Felix Lee 09. Destruction
 10. Untitled 
11. Azucar feat. Woesum
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