Blue Fiction - Blue Fiction 001

  • IORI and TASOKO's new duo adds to a Japanese techno scene bursting with talent.
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  • IORI is one of the most consistent artists bringing hypnotic techno from Tokyo to the world. His sound is sometimes more dubby or housey than the likes of Wata Igarashi, DJ Nobu or Takaaki Itoh, but when he needs to get tough, he has all the tools to do so. For the new label and duo Blue Fiction, IORI teams up with TASOKO, an artist who emerged fully-formed with a debut cassette album on John Osborn's Dred Records last year. The chugging beats and droning atmospheres of "Salvation" sound like a peak-time techno record slowed to 33RPM, but a razor-sharp hi-hat and clap combo confirms the turntable is running at the right speed. This slo-mo style continues with a rumbling arpeggio on "Rotation" and the dreamy "Deconstruction." All three are primed for a warm up set of the aquatic, high-fidelity techno that Japan's festival circuit is renowned for. The final track jacks up the pace with a double-time bassline, like a time lapse of what has gone before. It doesn't quite fit with the other tracks, but in isolation it's another quality cut from a very promising project.
  • Tracklist
      01. Salvation 02. Rotation 03. Deconstruction 04. Extension
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