Eddington Again - Petrify

  • Published
    11 Nov 2020
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  • Released
    October 2020
  • A powerful track that showcases the California artist's unique twist on hip-hop and electronic music.
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  • "I don't wanna throw you off / I just wanna tell you I adore you," Eddington Again half-sings, half-raps on their new single, "Petrify," a song about exposing other people to your own fragility. Over a driving but melancholy guitar sample, their voice picks up nervous energy, leaping and bounding around the beat. The best part is when their voice breaks into a croon and the rhythm slips into a brisk breakbeat. This is the kind of canny fusion between hip-hop and underground dance music that makes the Inglewood artist worth watching out for.
  • Tracklist
      01. Petrify