Sansibar - Game Over

  • Musical dopamine from a star of Helsinki’s underground.
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  • Finland has a lot of exciting talent in electronic music right now, and Sansibar is up there with the best. But don’t expect gloomy, Nordic noir. Sansibar hybridizes the ecstatic end of dance music in an irresistibly affecting way. Each of the four tracks on Game Over switch up the style, showing him to be as comfortable making giddy breakbeat trance as he is tunneling dub techno. In less capable hands, the title track’s lead line could verge on cheesy, and its jam-packed latter half could overflow, but here the measurements are spot on. It’s the kind of track that DJs from across the spectrum of dance music could turn to for a peak moment in their set. The rest of the record is more understated, though still incendiary by most people’s standards. "S1 Type Beat" and "Sissi" reduce the euphoria and vocal snippets to intermittent surges whose effect is heightened by the muscular backdrop. "Sissi" sounds like it’s taking off and gradually lifting every cell in your body with it. "Sunshine In Gomorrah" is the most familiar of the four. It affirms Sansibar’s ability to find novel ideas in timeworn styles.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Game Over A2 S1 Type Beat B1 Sissi B2 Sunshine In Gomorrah