dreamcastmoe - Lamont EP

  • House party jams from one of Washington D.C.'s brightest new talents.
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  • The tight-knit D.C. scene is humming with activity, from Model Home to Protect-U's U-Udios series to the DIY infrastructure that homegrown labels like Future Times and 1432 R provide. The voice of this grassroots scene has to be Davon Bryant, AKA dreamcastmoe, who started hanging around Beautiful Swimmers gigs and Earcave HQ before singing over tracks he found on SoundCloud. Bryant's casual delivery often feels the product of "comin' through the studio... lighting up a whole pack of Backwoods" (as he sang on 2019's The Lost Tape Vol. 2) and going off top, but make no mistake—dreamcastmoe is a prodigious talent. His beat selection is flawless and his influences range from classic soul to modern singers like Ty Dolla $ign, mixed up with all the obscure boogie and synth-funk he's soaked up hanging around PPU headquarters. His latest record, Lamont, starts off house party style, with Bryant going over tracks that evoke classic-era West Coast G-funk. "Bend Backwards," meanwhile, uses a house beat but mainly for setting (the track's lyrics are about getting up the nerve to approach a woman in a club). The best song here is about chilling. On "(301)341-7207," dreamcastmoe comes through with the improbably catchy opening line, "I've been sitting still for a little while," over a smooth Balearic guitar track. Dreamcastmoe goes on to note "I ain't got no stress on me... only natural oils on me," sounding as relaxed and assured as that line suggests.
  • Tracklist
      01. Make Your Move 02. Deserving 03. Bend Backwards 04. (301) 341-7207