Bladee & Mechatok – Drama

  • A surprise new single from the Drain Gang artist and the Berlin-based producer.
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  • There are a few common themes that bode well for a catchy pop song. Heartbreak, obviously. Unrequited love, always. Actually, make that all types of love—be it young, new, forbidden, platonic—you name it, there's a pop song about it. On "Drama," the new single from Swedish Drain Gang artist and auto-tune enthusiast Bladee and Berlin-based melody maestro Mechatok, the pair dive into the genre and its most popular tropes to sweet, sensitive effect. Much like last year's collaboration, "All I Want," the new track arrives via Swedish label YEAR0001. Not long ago I described the imprint's musical direction as "shades of emotional, new-gen trance, introspective Sad Boys vibes and heady, clubbish euphoria" which in theory aligns with "Drama." In practice, Bladee and Mechatok have defied this, venturing deeper into more accessible waters in order to explore relatable themes like love and loss in a context that's undeniably fit for these topics. This isn't new terrain for either of them—both Bladee and Mechatok have dabbled in similar themes in the past. However, it's clearly something they are adept at exploring together.
  • Tracklist
      01. Drama