PK Brako - 6:15

  • Published
    17 Nov 2020
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    Resident Advisor
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  • Released
    October 2020
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  • A grime single as fresh as it is mysterious.
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  • On October 18th, a mysterious photo of an old Nokia sitting alongside an afro comb on a throwback Michael Jordan jersey surfaced on producer and philosopher PK Brako's Instagram. In the caption he announced that we'd soon be hearing his first single since the release of BIBLE / SEGA earlier this year. The track, entitled "6:15," sees PK Brako link up with longtime collaborators and NTN comrades Jawnino and JP. "6:15" is filled with minimalistic melodies reminiscent of early grime, only less bouncy and more unsettling, a common theme in the production of PK Brako. There's a lunar feel to some of the sounds here, especially towards the outro, when Jawnino's voice starts to fade, almost as if we're drifting away from the planet where this track is set. This dreamlike spirit is reflected in the lyrics. The first voice we hear comes from Jawnino, opening the song with the lines "6:15 in the morning, looking for an answer but nobody was calling," introducing the equivocal tone that occurs throughout the song. Ambiguous lyrics like this are scattered across the track, such as JP's "Time heals but I was saved by a fortune." JP and Jawnino both leave their rhymes open for interpretation. You can listen to "6:15" 15 times and understand it 15 different ways. With the genre-bending sound they have built, PK Brako and friends are taking grime back to its "wot do you call it" days. We are hearing grime sounds and melodies but at different pitches and tempos. The lyrics are ambiguous and otherworldly, rather than hyperactive, hostile and straight-to-the-point. "6:15" is just one of many tracks that shows these artists steering grime in a new direction.
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      01. 6:15