IZCO - Revitalisation ft. Novelist

  • Ironclad and velvet-wrapped jungle from the Hackney wunderkid.
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  • Izzy Cofie, AKA IZCO, is one of those ridiculously talented wunderkids whose combination of knowledge and skills make you simultaneously proud and resentful of the youth. His retrofuturistic DJ sets and productions (best glimpsed through the grimey garage of last year’s KOJO EP or more recently on a jazzy, drum & bass mashup of Greentea Peng) helped the 19-year-old Hackney native land slots on stations like Rinse, ModeFM, and Balamii. Meanwhile, a modeling career at least half as promising as his dance music aspirations led him to playing the love interest in the music video for Mura Masa and A$AP Rocky’s gargantuan "LoveSick." On June’s hardcore and jungle-inspired two-tracker "Revitalisation," IZCO hooked up with Lewisham’s former teenage prodigy and current conqueror of worlds (and BPMs) Novelist, and the lesser-known but extremely gifted Dochi. The title track sees Novelist showcasing the tempo specialist tek honed through the Ruff Sound movement and genre-blending sets with Sherelle, Grandmixxer and Sustrapperazzi; extolling the virtues of a productive morning ritual, staying focused and the main objective of any MC worth their spit (being "on this ting"). Dochi keeps the introspection but ditches the braggadocio on part-ballad part-barfest "Gifted," where IZCO’s skippy percussion and wistful saxophone work in tandem with the Croydon rapper’s crooning and world-weary raps to absolutely nail the misty-eyed troubadour in a trackie vibe. "Bloodshed before the tears shed," is one of the many earworms Dochi unwraps and a perfect description of this EP.
  • Tracklist
      01. Revitalisation feat. Novelist 02. Gifted feat. Dochi