Al Wootton - JL

  • Al Wootton has found his feet again.
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  • Wootton AKA Deadboy has been releasing under his own name and is back on form. His recent collaboration with drummer Valentina Magaletti (as Holy Tongue) was particularly good. Now Wootton returns to his hometurf, Trule Records, for a 10” single. "JL" mines the warm and satisfying realms of dub techno. It’s more straightforward than much of what he has released recently but that takes nothing away from its quality. The bouncy bassline, crisp rhythm and vocal grabs will favour both house and techno DJs. There is likely something for fans of all bass-heavy, soundsystem music. By now the attraction of dub techno is more in its familiarity than its innovation and that’s certainly the case with "JL." Its long echoes and delays are cornerstones of the genre’s playbook.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Jl B1 Jl (Priori Sharp Tool Mix)