Altern 8 - Hard Crew (Reinst8 Mix)

  • The UK rave act's first track in 27 years is everything you want it to be.
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  • Hats off to any legacy act whose new music sounds as good as the old. Does this still apply if last week's single is the first in 27 years? Why not. "Hard Crew (The Reinst8 Mix)" is a neon banger worthy of 1992's Full-On Mask Hysteria, the first and only album by the UK rave duo Altern 8. The track, which has featured in their live sets for the past five years, is everything you love about this bonkers style of hardcore: electric stabs, amen breaks and hands-in-the-air pads. There's even what sounds like General Levy, of "Incredible" fame, flexing his vocal chords. The energy, nearly three decades later, is febrile. Just how we like it.
  • Tracklist
      01. Hard Crew (The Reinst8 Mix)