Jing - Psychiatric Population (Astral Projections Mix)

  • A cavernous, dread-filled soundscape.
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  • The "Astral Projections Mix" is one of two versions of "Psychiatric Population" on Jing's new EP for 6dimensions. It's the first track on the record, a gateway into the Taiwanese artist's ever-wandering headspace. Her music ranges from beatless sound art to trippy techno tools, but one constant is esoteric concepts. The context here is out-of-body experiences and dreaming, though it sounds more like a nightmare. Aside from mentions of the year 2020 and the burden of diseases, the Spaceape-like vocals give few clues to Jing's thinking. They send the focus spinning off in different directions around a sparse, stepping beat. High notes skitter and scan, emitting light on an otherwise pitch black backdrop. It's a surreal and engaging collage of resonant sounds which sets up the remainder of Jing's unnerving story.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Psychiatric Population (Astral Projection Mix) A2 Psychiatric Population B1 Double Standard B2 Mrs Acid