Various - Drie punt twee (De Lichting)

  • The sound of De Lichting.
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  • This promising Dutch crew is the result of three separate labels merging: Yield, Native Response and Working Titles. The seven members are now pulling in the same direction and they haven't put a foot wrong yet. There are similarities to how Giegling operates: a large group of multidisciplinary artists who are friends from art school, working in a DIY fashion, with subtle design, lots of aliases and little information. The music isn’t too far off either. Drie Punt Twee houses four refined, afterhour-friendly rhythms. There are crisp, minimal beats from Human Space Machine, moody, ambient techno from Eversines and tripped-out deep house from Working Title. Nathan Kofi's slick take on electro is the strongest, its ever-evolving constellation of spirited elements grabs your full attention. With artwork mechanically generated by the music's waveforms, De Lichting has put together another impressive and coherent package.
  • Tracklist
      01. Human Space Machine - DGTR8S 02. Nathan Kofi - Reyoh 03. Eversines - Scilo 04. Working Titles - Cadans