Loraine James feat. Jonnine Standish – Don't You See It

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  • Loraine James found her creativity levels ebbing and flowing during lockdown. Despite the occasional dip, she maintained an admirable level of creative output, working on remixes, solo oddities and behind-the-scenes groundwork for a forthcoming album. It's something we discussed during a recent roundtable discussion, along with how her collaborative processes and needs have also shifted. Many of her collaborative projects these days take shape via social media and WeTransfer back and forths. It's safe to assume that the collaborations on Nothing, Loraine's new EP for Hyperdub, came together in a similar way. The release follows up Loraine's critically celebrated 2019 album For You And I and leads with the track "Don't You See It?" The track features HTRK frontwoman Jonnine Standish and is littered with unusual contrasts. Jonnine's tender vocals aren't synonymous with electronic music sampling or even guest-featuring, yet her voice sounds right when paired with Loraine's slower, moodier production. The perspectives put forth by both artists, while rooted in different things find common ground over the course of the song. For Jonnine, she's "recounting a moment of clarity which allowed her to leave a destructive relationship." For Loraine, it's a little less clear, but if it's anything like For You And I, it's sure to come from a similarly thoughtful place.
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      01. Don't You See It feat. Jonnine