musclecars - Street Dreams

  • The New York house staples make a stunning debut.
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  • If someone wants to know more about New York house music, it's wise to direct them to the NY house duo musclecars. Best known for their uplifting coloring lessons parties centering disco, house, jazz and soul at Brooklyn venue Mood Ring, their platform has since launched into a label with a mission of touting New York's best. They're now also trying their own hand at production. As the days grow shorter and layers pile on, Street Dreams feels like the sun peeking through rifted clouds. In fact, the entire record revolves around warmth. The EP's gem "Sol'' offers soulful salves of breathy vocals, soaring pads and elegant piano chords, but it also packs a driving kick that's begging to be heard out. "The Man Who Kept Bedstuy Warm" is brimming with life, with psychedelic melodies and a sinuous jazz guitar lending the track a bubbly cosmic groove. Tiff Ortiz's tenuous vocals give "Sun Track I" a breezy feel, wafting above hand drum percussion and deep, guttural humming. With this captivating debut, musclecars make the DJ-producer transition seem effortless.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sun Track I feat. Tiff Ortiz 02. The Man Who Kept Bedstuy Warm 03. Sol 04. Sun Track II (For Black Healing) feat. Tiff Ortiz 05. Sol (Edit)