Hiro Ama - Uncertainty

  • A pleasant and lush approach to electronic music from the drummer of Teleman.
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  • In Teleman, Hiro Ama provides a steady, motorik beat for his bandmates. On his debut solo EP, Uncertainty, he comes out from behind the drums, making house and hip-hop with a distinct, featherweight touch. The way Ama uses found sound—with samples taken from his garden, as well as a heartbeat repurposed into a kick drum—recalls the work of the peak LA beat scene, and gentle numbers like "Anaesthetic" or "Warp" might have landed on Friends Of Friends back in the day. Elsewhere, Ama tries on house music with a light-on-its-feet gallop, like "Letter From Lahore." Ama shines brightest on "Broken Satellite," where a bounding bassline is weighed down by a melancholic synth lead. "Broken Satellite" is the highlight of an EP whose approach to electronic music is gentle, warm and friendly, taking in different influences and weaving them into something intimate.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Anaesthetic A2 Broken Satellite A3 Warp B1 Letter From Lahore B2 Fragments Of Ash B3 Outro