FAUZIA - Fragments

  • The talented Londoner shows off her gift for melody and rhythm.
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  • FAUZIA hopefully has a new computer. The London artist was counting on sales from her latest EP, Fragments, to fund the purchase. If quality is any indicator, I reckon Fragments flew off the shelves. (anu's great cover artwork probably helped.) Both tracks are rave-ready and pure fire, building on her impressive, and very recent, pivot to production. She clearly has a musical gift, each melody, pad and vocal aglow with feeling. Take the two earworms, one low and steady, the other dazzling, on the 140-BPM rattler "INSURRECTION." Or the pads on "berceuse," their warmth evoking a heavy '90s nostalgia. It's not often you hear sounds this nice. Her other talent is sculpting rhythms, be it footwork, techno or, like on "berceuse," jungle. Midway through the track, after a lush breakdown, she switches up the energy, bolstering the original break with fresh, frantic percussion. If she made these tunes on a frazzled setup, imagine the damage with a new machine?
  • Tracklist
      01. Insurrection 02. Berceuse